Collaboration Resources

    If you are aware of any other significant program of a Canadian university or college, which is missing from the following list, please contact us at your convenience.

    Research Capacity in Canadian Colleges and Universities

    SADI provides repayable contributions to firms engaged in aerospace, space, security and defence-related research and development with academic partners. Canadian universities and colleges support numerous disciplines required by these industries. The following Canadian universities and colleges offer dedicated programs and have significant research capacity in these sectors which may be of interest to SADI applicants.




    British Columbia


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    Collaborative R&D Program Partners:

    Federal, provincial, and municipal governments offer a variety of programs and services to support business, including the aerospace, space, security, and defence industries. The following programs promote collaborative research and development between academia and Canadian companies in these industries. Companies engaged in partnerships under these programs may be eligible to receive SADI funding to support their share of the project.

    Collaborative Research and Development Programs

    Research Chairs

    Research Networks

    Talent Programs